Reindeer Areas
The race is in a sensitive nature and the Sami summer grazing land. The Sami have knowledge about nature, wildlife, weather and surroundings. Obviously, it is important not to disturb the reindeer.

Here are some tips:
-Avoid walking straight towards them.
-The quieter you are, the calmer the animals.
-If there would be a flock on the path, take a shortcut and runningaround, it is absolutely forbidden to disturb the reindeer and may lead to disqualification.

Sweden Sky Race 24

On 8th of August, 2015, in the land of the Midnight Sun, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle the second Swedish Sky Race will be staged.

8th of August this summer will see the start of Northern Europe’s most beautiful and brutal trail race. Sweden Sky Race 24 is run over 57 km with 3,000 meters of elevation gain or over 114 km with 6,000 meters of elevation gain.

“It’s been 20 years since I started BAMM (Björkliden Artctic Mountain Marathon) in Sweden. When I again visited Björkliden last summer, I totally fell in love once more. Sweden Sky Race 24 is not only Sweden’s first Sky Race but a way for me to showcase Sweden’s most beautiful scenery, the brightest colors, the toughest ascents, to drink from the purest rivers, to run the best mountain trails and eat the best waffles in Sweden. That will all take place under the midnight sun, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Sweden is overdue to stage a trail race of international caliber”, says Erik Ahlström.

Along with new and old friends Erik have put together a team who loves the nature and the environment around Björkliden. They have set a course that will give race organizers euphoric happiness but at the same time will make many knees wobble out of sheer terror. Sweden Sky Race 24 will pass the legendary sites of Låktatjåkko Mountain, Trollsjön, Måndalen, Kärkevagge and Kårsavagge. The track is 57 km long with a elevation gain of 3,000 meters.

A bit more info on the course; we will follow the trail called ” ”Färdledarleden ” from  (Hotel Fjället 500 meters above sea level ) to Låktatjåkka mountain station ( 1228 masl ), from there the path go straight north to the top of Låktatjåkko ( 1404 möh ) and then down again to Låktatjåkko Mountain, a good time to give your competition a ” hign five” before the track takes you down the valley towards Låktatjåkko stop and bye bye to Låktatjåkko waffles for you who run 50 km.

100km. Our original plan was that the second round would be a turn in the opposite direction than the first. We have now found that it is highly dangerous to run down to Trollsjön , therefore, now two laps to go in the same direction, counterclockwise.

Ladda ner ett GPX-spår av banan/GPX-route for the track.

Bad weather course
57-114 km, if the weather gets too rough (95% of the track is above the tree line ) The course will be Björkliden – Låkatjåkka Mountain Station – Låktjatjåkka stop – Trollsjön (815 möh ) and back, the distance is then 48 km and altitude difference 1050 m. For 114 km it becomes twice the distance as they run the course even one lap.

We will pull the rope in two places for those who run 100km. One is in Björkliden after 11 h running at 5:00 Sunday morning and in Låktatjåkka stop at 08:00  Sunday morning.
Those who “breaks” in Björkliden will get listed at the 50 km race. Even those who may not continue after Låktatjåkka stop, their time will listed at Björkliden. There is no rope for running 50 km .

Most of the trail is going on marked trails. We will strengthen with streamers in the places where there is uncertainty.