Please check your insurance policy, you are competing on their own responsibility

Obviously, it is a requirement to provide a fellow competitors by injury.

You can switch between the 57 km and 114 km distance up until 2 hours before the start.

Competitors in the 114 km event can retire after 57 km and still get a finishing time for the shorter event. However, competitors in the 57 km event cannot change to the longer event during the race.

• Littering is strictly prohibited
• All competitors must assist others in case of an emergency.
• If a competitor retires during the race, please notify the nearest race official.
• You must not support other competitors except for in emergencies.
• Your personal safety is entirely your own responsibility and cannot be guaranteed by the race organizers.
• For competitors in the 114 km event, here will be a cut off time at Låktatjåkka. There will be further announcements regarding times at a later stage.
• Due to safety requirements, no competitors will be allowed to continue past Låktatjåkka after the cut off time and will instead be transported back Björkliden.
• All control points must checked in sequence.

Responsibilities of the competitors
• Competitors cannot receive outside assistance other than in an emergency.
• Competitors are required to comply with all instructions given by individual race officials.
• If a competitor retires, he or she must notify a race official as soon as possible.
• Competitors must assist other competitors in case of an emergency.
• Littering is strictly prohibited. All rubbish must be disposed of at designated disposal bins.

Disqualification / overtime pay / compensation

• No entry fees will be refunded for any competitor that’s is disqualified during the race.

A competitor may be disqualified in any of the following events:
• Failure to check in at a control point or failure to check in correct sequence.
• Failure to comply with all instructions given by race officials.
• Failure to follow race rules.
• Anything else that the race organizers consider a reason for disqualification.  .
• Competitors will be given a time penalty if any of the required equipment is missing or non-compliant.

Submitted in writing to the Race Committee no later than 30 minutes after the finish for a fee of SEK 100.

It is at the race organization’s sole discretion to:
• Decide who is allowed to participate.
• To disqualify any competitor.
• Change the course appearance.
• Cancel or postpone the race due to weather conditions without refunds being given.
• Decide outcome of any protest after hearing all involved.
• Take a competitor of course even before the cut off time.

Please note that you need to be 18 years old to run the race.