Required equipment

For the safety of competitors, the following items are mandatory to carry during the entire race. Individual checks will be made after the completion of the race. Missing equipment will result in a time penalty of 15 min for each missing item.

• Backpack
• First aid kit
• Physical compass. Please add GPS, altimeter if wanted. Many GPS has limited battery life, please check how your device works and if it has a battery saving feature.
• Wind and waterproof jacket with hood
• Wind and waterproof pants
• Long sleeved shirt
• Sweater, min 200g, down, fleece or wool. West is not an accepted replacement.
• Hat, gloves
• Water bottle, minimum 500 ml
• Whistle.
• Map (obtained from the Race Committee)
• Mobile phone, fully charged
• 3 energy bars, emergency rations that will be carried throughout the competition
• Bibs, obtained from the Race Committee and visible on the backpack and chest / right leg

More on equipment
– Pulls are allowed to use .
– Mobile phone. Telia is the operator that works on about 60% of the track. We would be grateful if you could use a phone with a Telia subscription for your safety.

Medical bag should contain
– Sports Tape min 2 m
– Electrical tape / duct tape min 2m
– Surgical Tape min 1 m
– Blisters Materials
– Elastic bandage ( pressure , support and secure the gauze )
– Proc 10×10 cm + 5x5cm (about)
– Painkiller my Ipren 1 / 2 Alvedon